The Benefits Of A Virtual Office Space In San Jose, CA

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SaGE Office Space Rental in San Jose, CA

The birthplace of the world’s most iconic technology companies, and today’s start-up mecca, San Jose is still at the cutting edge of creativity and innovation and THE place that entrepreneurs and business owners flock to.

SaGE Office Space Rental in San Jose, CA

1900 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124

For professionals looking for the perfect workspace whenever they need it, SaGE offers first-class flex and dedicated office space in San Jose. Workspaces come equipped with ultra-fast internet, flatscreen TVs, and the option to rent on-site conference rooms. Mail services are also available.

Welcome to San Jose

San Jose, California is synonymous with the word “trailblazer”. The self-titled “Capital of Silicon Valley” since 1988, the city has risen to be one of the most affluent in the country thanks to its status as the center of innovation and tech transformation since the 1950s. Today, the area accounts for one-third of all venture capital investment in the US, is HQ to some 30 of the Fortune 1000 companies, and employs more than a quarter of a million IT workers.

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