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Reimaging Hotel Spaces: Co-working in Colorado Springs

The use of hotel lobbies and meeting rooms for one-off meet-ups and events is nothing new. Companies have often preferred to host corporate gatherings off-site due to space limitations or to break the familiarity of their own office spaces and provoke new ways of thinking. Colleagues have met for side meetings in hotel bars.

However, as new trends in remote and hybrid working take a steady foothold in the corporate world, hotels are beginning to ask themselves if they represent a new opportunity for them. Indeed, some are already ahead of the game and are reimagining “dead” or underutilized space as collaborative spaces and introducing co-working as part of their offer.

Holistic Hospitality

One such hotel is SPC Hotel in Colorado Springs. Launched in 2019, SPC Commons is a concept born out of SPC’s (Soul Planet Community) mission to provide “holistic hospitality” that entails “hand-crafted venues comprising hotels, coworking, restaurants, and fitness.”

Housed within SPC Hotel Colorado Springs, the SPC Commons space offers mobile professionals a communal workspace and private conference room, along with access to their fitness center, pool, and other amenities. As such, SPC Commons supports the innovation community in Colorado Springs by providing them with state-of-the-art facilities in an atmosphere that inspires “healthy living, kindness towards others, and compassion for the planet.”

While SPC Commons is born out of the core of the brand’s mission, other hotels are also evaluating how they can extend their services beyond their guest clientele towards the local working community, whether that be local corporations, startups, or freelancers.

Reinventing Hotel Spaces

In 2019, Accor, the world’s 6th largest hospitality company, made the leap into providing an established co-working services offer via a joint venture with Bouygues Immobilier. Wojo, a European-based project, offers a subscription service to mobile workers giving them access to secure WiFi, a work area in an Accor hotel, and use of other hotel amenities, even if they’re not staying at the hotel. Subscribers can even distinguish between “animated” and “quiet” co-working spaces with each priced differently.

SaGE Workspace Network for Hotel Partners

SaGE Workspace is another pioneer in this space, working with US hotels to help them reinvent their spaces, reach new audiences and diversify their revenues by attracting mobile professionals including remote-working employees, freelancers, start-ups, and digital nomads.

Reinvent Underutilized Space

Space these days need not just be defined by size but by its potential use. SaGE Workspace helps hotels to understand which spaces may be underperforming in terms of revenue generation and how best the space could be maximized in order to best serve a range of uses by professionals.

Reach New Audiences

As more and more corporations adopt remote and hybrid working practices, the more freedom professionals have to choose their place of work. While for some working from home may be ideal, for others the separation of work and life is important, and collaboration with colleagues and other like-minded professionals breathes necessary oxygen into their working day.

The Sage Workspace platform provides an easy way for professionals to find and subscribe to flexible nearby workplace solutions from one-off meeting rooms to day and monthly work passes.

Diversify Revenues

By becoming part of the SaGE Workspace national network, hotels create new revenue streams through subscription services while maintaining the ability to up- and cross-sell additional amenities and services.

The SaGE Workspace Network extends to all major US cities including New York, Houston, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Sioux Falls and Colorado Springs.

For more information about the benefits of becoming a SaGE Partner, contact us on 212-683-9100, email us at or go to

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